October Event Roundup

With only three months left in 2020, we recognize that now is a critical time for the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) community. We hope you are just as excited as we are about the webinars, roundtables and campfires we have planned for October.

Below is a roundup of this month’s events, but be sure to check our events listing for updates and new offerings!

October 13, 2020: 15 Top Marketing Tips During COVID Season and Beyond

Ross Fishman, CEO of Fishman Marketing, and Jennifer Cantero, Director of Marketing & Sustainability at Sensiba San Filippo, share their stories about marketing during the COVID season.

Ross is one of the nation’s leading experts on professional firm marketing. Often characterized as both highly entertaining and educational, Ross’s presentations draw on his experience as a litigator, marketing director, and marketing partner, inspiring accountants at all levels. (Connect with Ross here.)

Jennifer has over 20 years of business and marketing experience and is an active member of AAM for many years. She will share her marketing experiences from the COVID bunker, not just sharing theory, but real-life success. (Connect with Jennifer here.)

Ross and Jennifer recently published two popular “Marketing Checklist” books for accountants at any career level, which detail activities they can undertake right now to:

  • Maintain and grow existing clients
  • Develop positive new relationships
  • Position themselves to excel in the post-pandemic economy

Why is this important to accounting firms?
2020 has brought unprecedented turmoil — our clients and prospects are on edge. Selling services to such brittle and vulnerable targets requires a deft approach that doesn’t appear crass or opportunistic. Now is the time for us to reinvigorate our messages and market positions, to reimagine our marketing tools to position us for success.

What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

Attendees will leave with dozens of powerful and practical tips, techniques they can use right away to improve their firm’s marketing and market position.

To request a recording of this session, please contact Heather Scott.

October 14, 2020: Optimizing .cpa: A Discussion with AAM

On September 1, the AICPA and launched .cpa, a new restricted domain for CPA firms. This is an exciting opportunity for the profession and marketing professionals at CPA firms across the country, who are critical stakeholders in the adoption of the new domain. Please join the AICPA, and AAM for a discussion/Q&A on the most pressing issues and questions related to the .cpa rollout.


  • Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO,
  • Lisa Simpson, Director, Firm Services, AICPA
  • Bill Hartzer, Domain Expert, SEO Consultant
  • Chris Cromer, Product Manager, .cpa

Why is this topic important to accounting firms?
For the first time, firms now have the ability to reserve a .cpa domain through the AICPA and While this domain has its benefits, switching to a new domain has branding, IT and SEO-related implications. Firms should understand the full picture of what switching to this domain means before moving forward with their application, and marketers specifically have some questions about how a new domain will affect their website’s rankings on Google.

What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this webinar?
AAM collected questions from members in advance. Following a brief presentation about the .cpa domain, the bulk of the webinar will be spent answering those questions to provide additional clarity for members. Our goal is to make sure members have the information they need to help their firms make an informed decision.

To request a recording of this session, or for registration information, please contact Rhonda Clark.


October 15, 2020: Leveraging Your Brand Value During COVID-19

AAM will host its sixth COVID-19 Roundtable on Thursday, October 15 at 3:30 p.m. ET. The objective of this roundtable is to continue our peer-to-peer dialogue on how members are dealing with this ongoing crisis.

As we continue to move through the COVID-19 pandemic, finding and communicating the core beliefs that drive your organization’s culture to attract the right clients, staff and partners is key to surviving the long haul.

We know COVID isn’t going to end anytime soon, and the economic fallout is not done. So how do you and your firm look forward, especially relating to what your organization can bring to your clients and prospects?

If you haven’t figured out a lot of those branding elements, the temptation is you shouldn’t worry about it now, but this situation is the exact perfect time.

Mike Jones, CEO and managing partner of Resound, will offer his insight on revising and fine tuning your brand for the next chapter of COVID before we open the forum to hear from you as we exchange ideas to help you, your firm and your clients.

This roundtable will focus on:

  • Establishing – and reinforcing – a brand that will survive the test of time
  • Finding your voice
  • What you can do today

Why is this important to accounting firms?

COVID-19 will be a low-lying buzz in everyone’s life for some time, and the economic fallout is not done. How do you look forward? Your brand must stand beyond the “here and now.” Hopefully you already have that in place, but how do you apply that in the midst of chaos? As you look to 2021, how are you building your communication and brand strategy to carry you through? What can you bring to your clients?

What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

Finding your firm voice and perspective, and what you can do today to get on the right path.

To request a recording of this session, or for registration information, please contact Heather Scott.
October 22, 2020: Launching New Services

Join AAM for a discussion with Kaufman Rossin Principle and business development professional, Ralph MacNamara. Hear how Ralph’s team launched a successful PPP loan practice followed by an open discussion on launching new service lines in the current business environment.

To request a recording of this session, or for registration information, please contact Heather Scott.
October 29, 2020: 5 Trends That Will Outlast COVID-19 and Accelerate Your 2021 Recovery

In a year when the common question is ‘what’s next?’, it is critical to look to our clients, prospects, and internal staff for insight into a roadmap to success in 2021 and beyond. Join Kat Kocurek, VP of Marketing at ClearlyRated, as she shares 5 data-backed trends that will outlast our current pandemic and economic uncertainty, and that can fuel your firm’s strategic plan going forward. Leveraging the latest accounting industry research, Kat will share key findings to help you gain insight into the changing landscape of marketing, business development, and employee retention during this unprecedented time. (Connect with Kat here.)

Why is this important to accounting firms?
We’re all looking ahead at 2021, wondering what the future will hold. And while nobody can tell us when this pandemic will end, we do know that the way we speak to our clients and prospects will continue to be informed by the events of this year. Using market research from accounting buyers, clients, and other professional services, this session will help accounting marketers think beyond 2020 by considering the new trends and realities that this year has brought to our profession.

What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

Context and strategy to help build a plan for 2021. Research and trends to back up that strategy.

To request a recording of this session, or for registration information, please contact Heather Scott.

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