November 2023: Internal Communications

Articles of Interest: Our November Articles of Interest includes helpful links outlining the different types of internal messaging; tactics and tools you should be using; top internal communications trends from the past year; award-winning intranet design highlights and tips for writing your employee newsletter “like you give a damn.”

Seasoned Marketer: As a marketer, you likely spend much of your time focused on external communications. Sending firm emails and newsletters, keeping your website up-to-date, and posting regularly to social media are all part of a robust marketing plan. But are you as focused on your internal communications plan? In this article, we will dive into the importance of internal communication on employee engagement.

Beginner’s Guide: Intranets are a great way for leadership and employees to have a channel other than email to communicate. Emails can become lost or overlooked. An intranet provides a centralized source for company information, tools and resources, with the added benefit of decluttering your inbox. Read more about intranets in this article.

Meet a Member: Erika Williford is the Marketing & Communications Director at Doeren Mayhew. Learn more about Erika including what she has had to learn the hard way, in this month’s Meet a Member.

Business Development: Picture it: a beautifully designed website with a thoughtful, easy-to-navigate layout. The carefully crafted content is high quality and relevant to its intended audience. The keyword placement is laser-focused to attract organic traffic comprised of the ideal client. The website is doing its job – bringing in quality leads. But when you forward the leads to a partner or technical teammate, it’s crickets. They do not know what to say, take too long to respond, or worst-case scenario, there is no follow-up at all. You think to yourself, “Why have a lead-generating website if no one closes the deal?” This can be a frustrating place to be, but there are a few things you can do to help improve your website lead close rate.

Hot Topic: Internal newsletters can be great tools to not only keep people informed but to build culture. These newsletters typically include updates on company news, achievements, and important announcements, to name a few. Discover key elements to include when crafting compelling internal newsletters. Check out this infographic.
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