Individual Membership

There a many benefits to becoming an AAM member. Involvement in AAM can help members remain at the forefront of industry trends and create a network of contacts that contribute to achieving your career goals. It is our purpose and goal to enhance the accounting marketing and practice growth profession through education, networking and thought leadership.

Per AAM’s by-laws, memberships are individual and not firm-based with the individual receiving the benefits of membership. They are not transferable regardless of who pays the annual dues. Individuals who join AAM agree to abide by the association’s code of ethics.

AAM’s membership is calendar based beginning January 1 and ending December 31. 

Executive Member

In-house marketing executive whose sole responsibility is the marketing of accounting and consulting services and marketing-related activities for an accounting and consulting firm.

Benefits of being an Executive Member include:

  • Significant member discounts for the National Conference
  • Free subscription to Growth Strategies quarterly publication and discounts for other members of your firm
  • Subscription for AAM Minute, a monthly e-newsletter
  • Discussion List
  • AAM High! Webinars 
  • AAMplify Podcasts
  • Access to surveys and other resources
  • Opportunity to win awards for marketing achievements
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Job Bank
  • Voting privilege for Board of Directors and other association business
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities with industry leaders
  • Holding executive office and serving as Board Member(s) at large
  • Opportunity to learn and practice skills through volunteering, chairing and serving on committee(s)

Initiation Fee for Executive Membership: $50.00
Annual Dues for Executive Membership: $395.00

Joining year dues are pro-rated after July 1st.

 Affiliate Member

Includes consultants and vendors to the accounting profession, individuals involved in marketing businesses, organizations or associations (other than accounting); or providers of other goods and services to the accounting profession; or members of the media and/or others interested in marketing of accounting services.

Affiliate membership includes all of the Executive Membership benefits plus:

  • Member discounts on advertising and sponsorships
  • Affiliate profile on the members-only section, AAM Connect

Initiation Fee for Affiliate Membership: $50.00
Annual Dues for Affiliate Membership: $395.00

Joining year dues are pro-rated after July 1st.


Educator Member

Individuals involved in accounting marketing at colleges and universities, educators or students.

Benefits of Educator Membership are the same as Executive with the exception of holding executive office on the board, plus:

  • Help with research surveys related to professional services marketing
  • Be at the cutting edge of the accounting profession (for accounting educators)
  • Opportunity to gain insight and knowledge of professional services marketing (for marketing educators).

Initiation Fee for Educator Membership: $50.00*
Annual Dues for Educator Membership: $150.00

Joining year dues are pro-rated after July 1st.

* The $50.00 initiation fee will be credited towards the full membership initiation fee should you become a professional member after graduating.