March 2022: Keep Marketing Moving During Busy Season

Beginner’s Guide: As a growth professional in public accounting, are you finding yourself in a vicious cycle of “hurry up and wait” during busy season? It is time to push the reset button on expectations! This article discusses how marketing and business development professionals can maximize busy season and capitalize on opportunities, so come May, they and their firms are set up for success.

Articles of Interest:

  1. Why Market When You’re “Too Busy” to Take on New Work
    Many businesses think marketing is done only when looking to get more customers, but this idea is very wrong. Marketing is an ongoing effort that your business needs to be doing whether you are not getting enough customers or if it’s busy season. The secret lies in knowing what you should be marketing as opposed to if you should be marketing. This article lays out some ideas to help.
  2. 5 Easy Ways to Market Your Firm During Tax Season (and Why You Should)
    Marketing during tax season always gets mixed responses from partners at accounting firms. However, knowing your competitors are out there putting on the full-court press is enough to make sure you stay on top of your marketing game—especially during tax season. Here are 5 ways to ensure you get your market share at this crazy time of year.
  3. 2 Smart Ways to Keep the Marketing Engine Running During Tax Season
    Tax season is a beast. And, marketing managers (and sometimes marketing campaigns) are all but forgotten during this time. But, you can keep it simple and still score branding and lead-generating points during this time. This article shows it can be done.
  4. Busy Season vs. Slow Times — When is it Best to Advertise?
    This short read is more general in terms of business types and geared towards businesses that advertise. However, the message rings true for accounting firms as well. Consistent marketing is successful marketing. Don’t slow down during tax season if you want steady business when the busy season is over.
  5. Social Media During Tax Season? Why Not?
    Are you part of a smaller firm and find it hard to get partners to engage in marketing efforts during tax season? Social media campaigns offer a way to get out there with little involvement from them. This article lays out some ideas you can implement right away!

Seasoned Marketer: Accounting marketers tend to slow down in busy season. This article outlines one productive way for marketers to keep busy during busy season: performing a content audit. We address the importance of an audit and four tips to get you started.

Business Development: It’s busy season in your firm, and a lot of heads are down and deep into the work. Business development executives often feel like their efforts either slow to a crawl or come to a complete stop when the subject matter experts (SMEs) are getting client work done. However, now is the time for business developers to get creative to keep the momentum going during busy season! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Meet a Member: Rachel Pompeani is the Growth Marketing Manager for ClearlyRated and the new co-chair of the AAM Minute. Get to know her and learn about how she keeps marketing moving in this month’s Meet a Member.

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