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By Lauren Clemmer


Did you conduct a client satisfaction survey this summer or perhaps fall? Many firms do this annual ritual to see how they are doing. They celebrate how highly clients think of them. And, in some cases, the positive and negative comments about individuals make it into their annual reviews. But what else do you do with the findings?

The true value in client feedback comes from the changes you make as a result. Start by sharing feedback with your team. Make sure the entire firm knows where you excel and where you don’t. More importantly, share what you will be doing next, and what you need from them, to improve in any area where you didn’t score as high as you like. Confident firms then share a summary of these findings and next steps with their clients, too. It’s a great way to let them know you heard what they said and are aiming to improve.

As an association, each and every one of our members are our “clients.” We need to follow the same best practices. The board and staff are in the process of evaluating the feedback you shared in our recent member survey. In addition, we listen every time we have a conversation with you.

Here are some changes we are making to improve on those things you value most:

  • Networking with peers. Time and time again we hear that this is most important to you. We are revamping our Virtual Campfires a bit to help. Now, we will be asking our affiliate members to join the conversations that align to their areas of expertise. This will allow for richer conversation and encourage more valuable sharing between all participants.
  • Conference. You want us to try new things. Those of you who went to the AAM Summit in Portland were able to experience this fresh approach. The new format really resonated with you, with one member commenting: “This was the best AAM conference I’ve attended.” In 2019, we’ll be part of the ENGAGE conference, and we’ll continue to take risks.
  • Inclusive pricing. AAM High sessions provide valuable content to those to participate. However, you don’t want to ask for dollars to participate each month. These will now be included with your membership dues. As a member, you have access to all these live sessions and recordings.
  • Cutting edge research. The AAM/Hinge Research Institute Marketing Budget Benchmark Study is the only survey of its kind in the accounting industry. It has helped many members make the case for readjusting their spending to new areas. We’ll conduct this study again in 2019 and want everyone to participate. Watch for details soon.

More insights from the member survey will be shared soon. We are actively in the process of evaluating how we’re doing as we plan for the coming year. The goal is to deliver the content and experiences needed to support you in your career. That means we need to engage you in what we do.

To ensure your voice is heard, continue to share with us what’s important to you. We promise to listen to your feedback and take action to improve the value we provide to you.


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About Lauren Clemmer

Lauren Clemmer is the Executive Director for the Association for Accounting Marketing. Prior to becoming the director, Lauren was an active member, participating in the Membership Satisfaction committee and then as co-chair of Virtual Education which includes AAM High Webinars and Virtual Campfires. In her role as executive director, Lauren works with the with the board president, the executive committee and the board of directors to drive AAM’s vision and strategic plan. Her responsibilities include the general administration of all AAM business, managing vendor and partner relationships, enhancing member engagement and loyalty, and serving as the voice of membership. Lauren gives back to her community as a member of the Women’s Board for the Boy and Girls Clubs of Cleveland.

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