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Leadership Buy-In for DEI

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Next up in AAM’s series of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings is a session dedicated to leadership buy-in for DEI. (If you missed our last training, check out our debrief on Defining Diversity, Equity & Inclusion here.) Now that we have some common language and vocabulary to discuss DEI, our panel of professionals will discuss how to take the next step in developing leadership buy-in for DEI.

AAM’s Starting the DEI Journey: Tips for Getting Leadership Buy-in webinar will be held on September, 21, 2021 from 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM ET. This webinar is open to AAM members and non-members for no additional charge, and all are encouraged to attend, including partners and other firm management outside of marketing. In preparation, I caught up with the panelists and moderator to discuss their thoughts: DiAndria_Green_headshot_-_8530_800x1000 DiAndria Green, Esq.
Bennett Thrasher, LLP

“Having company executives and firm leaders that not only “buy into” DE&I initiatives, but who are also intentional about the actions they take to support such initiatives, is critical because all associates are watching to see how their leaders will respond to the need for change – will they actively support, embrace and implement change efforts or conversely, actively undermine or ignore such efforts. Change doesn’t have to start at the top, but when it does, it can create a mighty ripple effect that symbolizes organizational commitment to change efforts such as DE&I.”

Arianna_Campbell Arianna Campbell
Boomer Consulting, Inc.

“As a leader, you must effectively champion diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities that ultimately impact all of us. Pursuing diversity is important, however, cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging is essential for retaining talent and clients. By starting with leadership and building buy-in at all levels, you can create a culture of DEI – not just an initiative.”

Jessica_Hekmatjah_headshot Jessica Hekmatjah

“Simply put, we need to make it okay for people to be themselves. This fosters higher degrees of engagement, productivity, and innovation that contribute to a better workplace and a better world.”

Maybeth_Olree_headshot Marybeth Olree

“It is vital that leaders be at the forefront of initiatives to improve workplace culture, and effect change impacting their company, team members, and communities. A diverse and inclusive culture inspires individuals to strive for progress, creates opportunities that empower people to grow and achieve – and that ultimately leads to growth for the company.”

For more information and to register for the training, visit Starting the DEI Journey: Tips for Getting Leadership Buy-in on the Association for Accounting Marketing website, and invite others within your firm to join you.

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