January 2022: The Generation Gap

Beginner’s Guide: As marketers, we handcraft our messages. We need to know our audience, their pain points, their goals, and what is important to them. But when it comes to communication within our own firms, it’s easy to forget that our colleagues are their own audience. Find out the communication preferences of each of the five generations in the workforce plus some tips on how to communicate to each generation in this article.

Articles of Interest:

How to Manage the 5 Generations in the Workplace
Today’s multigenerational workforce offers significant benefits to employers in terms of a range of experience and creative problem-solving skills. But how do you bridge the gap between the generations? This article takes a look at each of the five generations in the workplace and discusses how to attract and retain them, what their ideal workplace environment looks like, how they want to be managed and what benefits they want.

Generational Workforce Differences Infographic
How do each of the five generations in the workplace stack up against each other? Find out their characteristics in this infographic from Purdue University.

How Gen Z is Handling the Workplace Generation Divide
The generation gap between Gen Z and their more seasoned colleagues — when it comes to everything from job satisfaction and work travel to the age of their bosses — is a constant in today’s workplace. This article takes a look at a few Gen Z surveys to show what might be the primary drivers of The Great Resignation.

5 Ways to Bridge the Generation Gap Between Employees
When different generations are meshing well in the workplace, you’ll see a high level of employee engagement and an improved workplace culture across the board. This article has five HR best practices that will help you get the most out of your team’s diversity.

Understanding Generation Z in the Workplace
Entire industries and businesses will rise and fall in the wake of the Generation Z. Yet few industries or organizations seem to be ready for it. Are you? Find out in this article from Deloitte.

Seasoned Marketer: How do you get started incorporating DEI into your firm? One way to begin is by thinking about DEI during the onboarding process. This article has three easy tips to help you get started.

Meet a Member: Jessica Hekmatjah is the Chief Marketing Office for BPM, located in Dallas, TX. With 900+ employees, communicating across generations is a must. Learn more about Jessica, her department, and how the firm communicates in this article.

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