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Innovative Tactic for Improving the Client Experience

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What is the most innovative (or surprisingly effective) tactic for improving the client experience (CX)?

Improving the Client Experience by Asking Questions

Arianna Campbell, Boomer Consulting, Inc. ([email protected]): When looking to improve CX, we sometimes forget the most important part: what the client wants and values. Uncover new opportunities to meet your client’s needs by asking a few questions.

  • What benefits you most in your relationship with the firm?
  • Are there areas where we could help make it easier to do business with us?
  • How can I best support you in the future?

Take the information you gather and use it to shape your CX improvement efforts.

Create an Experience for the Client

Matt Solomon, Center for Enlightened Business ([email protected]): The most surprisingly effective tactic for improving the client experience is to consciously create an experience for your clients that is built around empathy, compassion and the platinum rule: treat others how they want to be treated.

As silly as it sounds, simply taking some time to ask the right questions and think about how to make all of the interactions with you a little bit more “human” and wonderful can go a long way.

Define the Attributes You Want to Provide

Carrie Steffen, The Whetstone Group ([email protected]): One of the most effective — and surprisingly basic — ways to improve CX is to define the attributes you want to provide. Many firms focus on improving the delivery process and deliverables, using automation and other tools, without clearly defining why and what they seek to accomplish. Is your objective to be more proactive? To provide more efficient transactions? Ask your clients what they value, then create a map that starts before they become a client and define the tools/processes needed to meet client needs.


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