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How Remote Work is Different for Accounting Marketers

Photo of accounting marketers completing remote work on tablets|Photo of accounting marketers completing remote work on tablets

As employees across the globe were sent home to work remotely, people had to figure out what that looked like. Accounting marketers were no exception and have embraced remote work. It took time to figure out new routines and how to interact with team members. Some found themselves working around the clock and others juggled working with new home-schooling responsibilities.

Are you looking for ways to improve your remote working experience? Association for Accounting Marketing members Carol Carlile, Laura Metz, Holly Shier, Adelle Starr and Kristina Tucker have the following suggestions for their fellow accounting marketers working remotely:

  • Establish boundaries. So you don’t find yourself working around the clock, set the times you’re going to work and stick to them. Turn off your computer at your stopping point to separate work from home.
  • Take breaks. When in the office you’d go to the “water cooler” to get away from your desk. Whether you do something around the hours or take a walk, this break is still needed. You aren’t wasting time, but finding it by ultimately being more productive.
  • Maintain your professional connections. Consider a virtual happy hour or coffee. It helps to share what you’re going through and collaborate in new ways.
  • Mix up your environment. Move from the basement to the kitchen or to the patio if the weather is nice. It can give you a new burst of energy.
  • Use your bonus time wisely. The time you’d spend commuting to the office can be used to tackle projects that require more focus. Or use it to exercise, and while you’re on the treadmill, think about what you want to accomplish that day or the next.
  • Keep your routine. Be sure to get up at a similar time and get ready for work. It can be a game-changer when it comes to the motivation you need to conquer the day.

When you have nowhere to go except for that Zoom call, remote working can be a lonely place. Stay motivated so you continue to put out your top-notch work. And be sure to communicate with your co-workers and business contacts. The way you communicate will be different, but the fact that you make time for it shouldn’t be.

Read more about how accounting marketers have adapted to the remote work environment in the Winter 2020 edition of Growth Strategies on page 3.


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