How Marketers Promote Professional Development

How Marketers Promote Professional Development|How Marketers Promote Professional Development|How Marketers Promote Professional Development

Recruiting and retaining the right mix of talent continues to be a challenge for most accounting firms. Firms that are successful at hiring and keeping employees invest in their personal development through not only technical and soft skills training but also programs focused on individual development. Marketing Departments can have a key part in helping employees grow through helping employees create personal marketing plans, coaching and more. See how marketers promote professional development here:

How Marketers Promote Professional Development

1. Personal Marketing Plans

Marketers can embrace the personal marketing planning process to help partners and staff become better business developers. Personal marketing planning can be effective if partners and staff fully participate in the process. Marketers need to set clear expectations and goals to hold participants accountable on their performance review. Recognition and reward programs will further incentivize participants to meet the desired expectations.

2. Mentoring

Marketers should encourage partners to “pay it forward.” Mentoring provides staff the opportunity to develop trusted relationships with firm leaders, while helping with employee attraction and retention. Mentors should be trained on how to work with mentees instead of “winging it.” This is where marketers can provide value. Either identify, interview or select a consulting firm to work with or develop a formal mentoring program and guide with the leadership team.

3. Coaching

Coaching can help partners and staff overcome limiting beliefs and other obstacles that stand in the way of developing new business opportunities or participating in marketing initiatives. Coaching is an important component of personal marketing planning. People need to feel comfortable and self-confident before they will contribute to the firm’s marketing efforts.
Although coaching programs often fall under the realm of human resources, marketers play an important role in successfully implementing these initiatives. Marketers have a clear understanding of firmwide goals and objectives, dynamics of the accounting business, personalities of the partners and staff, and industry trends.

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