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Beth Nelson, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Barnes Dennig and Robert Ramsay, Director/Owner at Barnes Dennig discuss GDPR and where GDPR compliance stands today in this episode of AAMplify! podcast. Robert leads Barnes Dennig’s Risk Management practice, offering Service Organization Controls (SOC) and data security services. He has performed technology consulting and audit services for more than 15 years, helping organizations of various sizes and types strengthen their internal controls.  Prior to joining Barnes Dennig, he managed an Information Systems Risk Management practice for an international CPA firm. Check out this episode as Robert talks about where US companies generally stand with GDPR compliance, what Barnes Dennig has done as a firm, and recommendations for what companies can do going forward.

EU’s GDPR Privacy Standards

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important international standard for data privacy. This EU data protection law went into effect on May 25, 2018, and governs the way businesses collect and protect EU data. As the world continues to connect on the web, businesses are expected to gather personal data legally and protect the data from misuse and exploitation. This data may include common information such as name, address, and photos.

Benefits of GRPR Compliance

Robert is an expert in the field and works with a number of clients to become GDPR compliant. When you are GDPR compliant, there are many benefits. When going through the process of evaluating your infrastructure, you can improve cybersecurity. You should remind employees how to identify threats to data and act as a “human firewall”.  Make sure to remove unwanted data which may reduce your risk of exposing confidential information.  Market more efficiently by forcing the organization to think more thoroughly about what marketing data is truly valuable. Ensure to demonstrate respect for privacy within the workplace. In addition, when marketing to international companies, your ability to demonstrate GDPR compliance proves that you serve their markets and are savvy to international business practices.

While traditional marketing has changed, the role of the traditional marketer has become one that evolves through adaptation. Our goal is always to solve problems for the customer, but how we do that, is up to us. For more information about Eric, you can follow him on LinkedIn, and more AAMplify! Podcasts, visit

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