February 2022: Marketing and Firm Culture

Beginner’s Guide: How can we as marketers can make an impact on the culture within our accounting firms? Here are nine examples of how to drive culture within your own firm.

Articles of Interest: Marketers have a lot on their plate: campaigns, eblasts, social media, websites, and more. These are all pivotal duties for our firms, but unfortunately some of the less-tangible aspects of our jobs fall to wayside for the more tangible tasks.

Company culture is often hard to define. Some might even think their company (or for most of us, firm) doesn’t have a culture at all! If you’re having trouble nailing down your company culture or integrating it into your current marketing plan, these articles are for you.

Seasoned Marketer: The Great Resignation is bigger than anyone could have imagined. The shift in the workforce has made it critical for firm leadership to not only understand the dynamics of today’s workforce, but to also understand the impact of culture. This article dives deep into how to evaluate and improve your firm’s culture.

Hot Topic: The nemesis to every accounting marketer is likely billable hours. How can we achieve our strategic objectives when we can’t get our partners to participate because of billable hours? This is especially true in getting partners to write. In this article, Eric shares his approach to achieving this near-impossible feat.

Meet a Member: Alice Grey Harrison is the SVP of Strategic Communications. Read about how Dixon Hughes Goodman is using marketing to influence firm culture.

January New Members:
Robin Brandt, Chortek
Jean Calixto, Bregante + Company LLP
Grace Cripps, Anders CPAs + Advisors
Grace Hartzheim, Dermody, Burke & Brown
Ashlee Hecksel, DHJJ
Matthew Holstein, Suttle & Stalnaker, PLLC
Natalie Kandik, CohnReznick LLP
Emily Lewis, Somerset CPAs and Advisors
Megan Padilla, Ridout, Barrett & Co. PC
Amber Shulman, Barnes Wendling CPAs
Jeffrey Unger, EMINUTES
Brianna Wagner, Barnes Wendling CPAs
Peter Whalen, DMLO