Evolving Roles as Marketers

AAMplify! Season 4 Episode 9 - Evolving Role of Marketers

With a background in business development, Eric Majchrzak climbed the ladder to marketing success by taking planned risks and stepping up to the plate to lead strategic initiatives. Today he is the Chief Strategy Officer at Beach Flesichman, and it was his experience as a marketing specialist, manager, director and eventually CMO that allowed him to be in the center of the evolving roles of marketers.

The Changing Definition of a Traditional Marketer

While the way a marketer markets has changed, their goal has always been to position their company in the best of light. A marketer today does the same, but with a strategy that not only sells the company externally but internally as well. Arm your people with what they need.

Is Marketing an Overheard?

Some sectors view marketing as a less strategic function limited to brand and communications and as a cost rather than an investment. In many sections, marketing helps drive business strategy to achieve commercial objectives, and this wasn’t the case years ago. Today, we need to showcase that we are a major driver of business growth.

 Technology’s Role and Our Move into a New Decade

We need to be agile in how we adapt and continue to educate ourselves as technology evolves. Never stop learning and always step up to the plate if you find the opportunity to make a difference. When you do see that opportunity, take it and approach it with two mindsets: 1) is this something the customer wants? and 2) is this beneficial to the company.


While traditional marketing has changed, the role of the traditional marketer has become one that evolves through adaptation. Our goal is always to solve problems for the customer, but how we do that, is up to us. For more information about Eric, you can follow him on LinkedIn, and more AAMplify! Podcasts, visit

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