AAM Business Developer Fundamentals Certificate

AAM Business Developer Fundamentals Certificate

An advanced skill-building certificate program designed exclusively for those with business development responsibility within accounting firms.

Business development professionals in accounting firms are faced with unique challenges that require a broad and diverse set of skills, unlike most traditional sales roles. To be successful, one must be effective not only at personal selling, but also at facilitating pursuit teams, coaching other individuals, and providing general leadership and support to the firm’s sales efforts. The Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) has designed this program specifically to help those within an accounting firm with business development responsibility develop critical skills.

Business Development or Marketing Executives, Directors, Managers or other growth-focused professionals with sales responsibility in accounting firms.

A 6-module online course that includes bi-weekly live expert hours and a final exam.

The Spring course will open March 4, 2022. The program features 6 classroom hours and learners invest an average of 8 additional hours in self-paced studying and interacting with our experts. Deadline to register is March 2, 2022. 

It’s seamless to put the learnings from our course into practice because the curriculum was developed by accounting firm business development experts for accounting firm business developers.


AAM Business Developer Fundamentals

Six weeks of self-paced materials
Live access to experts during bi-weekly Expert Hour
Final exam with certificate and digital badge upon completion 
$445 AAM Members / $545 Non-Members
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*Group discounts are available for 3 or more participants from the same firm.  Deadline to register is March 2. For additional information, please contact info@accountingmarketing.org 

Course Overview:

  • Optimizing Your Role as a Business Development Professional
  • Building Teams for Pursuits and Client Development
  • Setting Growth Goals and Priority Targets
  • Aligning the Sales Process with How Clients Buy
  • Managing a Pipeline and Leading Strategic Opportunities
  • Coaching Teams and Individuals to Maximize Performance


Course Access

Q: I’m having trouble logging in to the course. How do I troubleshoot?
A: Log-in instructions for the learning management system (LMS) will be provided when the first module is launched. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache, or logging in on a different browser. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at info@accountingmarketing.org

Q: How long will I have access to the course content?
A: The course expires 6 months from when you were granted access.

Quizzes + The Final Exam

Q: Are there quizzes for each module?
A: Yes. There is a required quiz at the end of each module.

Q: What is the passing grade for quizzes? For the final exam?
A: In order to receive your certificate, you must achieve at least an 80% or higher in all quizzes, and a 70% or higher on the final exam.

Q: What is the deadline for each quiz?
A: Since the course is self-paced and was built to be flexible and support busy schedules, you can take the quizzes whenever you’d like, as long as you complete them before taking the final exam.

Q: What is the format of the quizzes?
A: Quiz questions are repeated but randomized with each attempt. If you do not achieve an 80% or higher and must retake the quiz, you will see the same 10 questions.

Q: Do I need to pass each quiz before I move on to the next module?
A: It is not required to take the quizzes in order, but we do recommend passing each quiz before you proceed to the next module.

Q: What is the timeline I should follow for the coursework?
A: The course was designed with your busy schedule in mind. The video lessons and quizzes can be completed on your own time. However, we do encourage learners to complete one module each week. 

Q: What is the format of the final exam? What is the average time most people take to complete the exam?
A: There are roughly 100 questions

  • You have a time limit of 3 hours
  • You will not have an option to save and finish later
  • It will not let you finish with any questions left unanswered
  • You have to achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • If you do not receive a passing score of 70% or higher you can take it again an unlimited number of times with the same link and password

The actual time taken to complete the exam varies from student to student, but many students do not need the full 3 hours if they have studied adequately.

Q: What happens if I don’t pass the exam?
A: You will have unlimited chances to take the final exam at no additional cost.

Live Expert Hours

Q: How will I know when these are scheduled?
A: AAM HQ will send a meeting notice for each expert hour with the Zoom link

Q: What if I have a scheduling conflict?
A: The Expert Hour videos will be published in the LMS within 24 hours of the session. 

Certificate and Digital Badge

Q: When will I receive my certificate?
A: Your certificate will be emailed to you upon passing the final exam

Q: Will AAM mail a hard copy?
A: No, you will receive an electronic copy that you can print yourself

Q: What is a Digital Badge
A: A badge is a digital representation of your significant professional accomplishments, combined with a verifiable description of the specific knowledge and skills required to earn it. A digital badge also is easily shared online, unlike paper certificates.

Q: When will I receive my digital badge?
A:  Your digital badge will be emailed to you upon passing the final exam

Q: Will I need to recertify?
A: No, however we encourage you to continually develop your business development skills.