Marketing Achievement Awards

marketing achievement award

The AAM-MAAs are awarded to firms finding the most innovative ways to connect with their clients and prospects.

Exact categories are updated on an annual basis to reflect the current state of marketing. Each entry is carefully reviewed by a panel of judges comprising leaders and marketing experts outside the accounting industry. Winners will be announced during the annual Summit.

AAM-MAA Terms and Conditions

Rules & Requirements to Submit an Entry

Consultants, design firms, and agencies may submit entries on behalf of their accounting firm clients. All winning entries will be awarded to the accounting firm entrant. If your submission wins an award, additional awards can be purchased for a fee.

Any project(s) submitted for past AAM-MAA award consideration are ineligible. Project(s) must be original work for your firm or industry. No purchased or preprinted work/templates are eligible. No projects/entries for work outside of the accounting marketing industry will be accepted.

Marketing projects that were launched between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, are eligible for the 2023 AAM-MAAs. Campaigns and projects that were launched outside of that period will be accepted if the completion date falls within those dates.

Entries must be submitted as outlined on the entry instructions page.

Submission Process

You will need to login to the 2023 submission site to complete the online entry form.

After creating a profile, you may begin the submission process. The AAM-MAA submission process includes:

  1. Written entry information
  2. Optional link to one (1) video (must be less than 5 minutes), article, news feature, or media coverage
  3. Firm logo in vector format (.eps)
  4. Visual support document – must use and follow provided template and export to (not save as or print to) PDF

Early-bird submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST, Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Standard submissions must be received by 5 p.m. EST, Thursday, March 23, 2023.

Written Entry

Tell us about your marketing project. Using a maximum of 1,800 words, take us through the story of your marketing project and weave the following points into your story:

  • The opportunity or challenge that exists/existed to necessitate this project within your firm, along with the desired outcomes and added value the project brought to your firm. For the We AAM to Serve category, detail your philanthropic story.
  • Allocated budget – include direct costs (items your firm paid for out-of-pocket) and indirect costs (firm resources you have at your disposal without having to make additional expenditures such as mailing list databases, consultants on retainer, internal technical support, etc.).
  • What was the result? Did the project achieve the result intended? What was the return on investment?
  • Anything else noteworthy about your project that makes it particularly unique and/or which you wish to bring to the judges’ attention.
  • If you are submitting in the We AAM to Serve Category complete the fields with the total number of employees in the firm, total number of hours worked or donated, and number and names of organizations impacted.

Optional Link

You have the option to also include a link to one (1) video (must be less than 5 minutes), article, news feature, or media coverage to support your story.


Your submission requires a vector format (.eps) copy of your firm logo.

Visual Support Document

A visual support document must be submitted for the judges’ review and is required to enter. This is the only part of the AAM-MAA entry that will be made available to conference attendees and AAM members. Digital copies of every entry will be made available following the conclusion of the conference on the AAM website.

You are required to use the visual support document template PPT and export the final design in a PDF format. (note you must use the export function, not print to or save as)

Visual Support Document Checklist

  1. Visual support document was created using the provided PowerPoint template
  2. Submitted PDF has been created using the “export to” function (do not use “print to” or “save as PDF”).
  3. Submitted PDF is under 5 MB.
  4. The visual components of your entry have been added by replacing the boxes provided in the template.
  5. Key features about your entry are noted in the spaces provide. (i.e. what sets it apart?)

Visual Support Document Template

Download the Visual Support PPT

AAM-MAA Judging Process

The panel of judges consists of leaders and marketing experts outside the accounting industry who provide an unbiased opinion of member firms. Winning entries will be rewarded for the accomplishment of specific goals and objectives as a result of executing specific strategies that have delivered measurable results.

Each entry will be judged using a points system in each of the following four areas:





Judges will assign a score of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) in each of the evaluation criteria listed above. Each individual score will then be weighed as outlined above. Only those entries receiving an average overall score of 2.5 or greater will be eligible for an award.

Winners will be selected for each subcategory within the categories.

How to Win an AAM-MAA

Past AAM-MAA Winners

For more details on the winning entries, and all entries, you can purchase an eBook of AAM-MAA entries here.

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