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Customize Your Sales Collateral to Increase Your Win Rate

Customize Your Sales Collateral to Increase Your Win Rate

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Sales collateral is an essential part of the business development process. It helps your team understand what they’re selling and why it’s valuable to customers. It also gives them something more tangible than just words on a page.

As a CPA marketer, your team is responsible for creating deliverables that provide useful information on your services and converts leads into clients. Long gone are the days of “one-size-fits-all” content. Tailoring your content to your target is how your sales team will succeed.

In collaboration with Pitchly, a cloud-based data enablement platform, we will help accounting marketers understand how to create custom sales collateral that will increase their win rate.

What is Sales Collateral and Why is it Important?

Sales collateral are the many different materials a company uses to market its products or services, including a brochure, website page, case study, or even a video. It’s an important part of the sales process because it helps potential customers understand what the business is offering, why it’s valuable, and how they can get started using it.

Because sales collateral is so closely tied to marketing and branding efforts, it should be created with those goals in mind. Sales collateral doesn’t just inform customers about what you’re selling—it also helps establish your company as an expert in your field and builds trust between you and your audience.

What Sales Collateral Should You Customize?

As a CPA firm, it’s important to create collateral that actually supports your different sales processes. There are many different stages a buyer will be at on their path to purchase, and your team needs to generate unique content to help inform their decisions at each phase.

Today, people are overloaded with advertisements based on their search history and emails informed by their shopping habits. Personalization has become expected, and thanks to technology, there are more ways than ever for businesses to implement this in their sales process.

Perhaps the most important piece of sales collateral to customize is the proposal. The proposal process is all about meeting the unique needs of your target client, and customization is mandatory for that success. Tools like Upslide or Templafy allow you to create standard templates that can be easily customized in less time.

Blogs, case studies, and videos are also incredibly important to segment. Providing specific examples or offering niche content can help you attract ideal prospects that have a better chance of converting.

How to Customize Sales Collateral to Increase Win Rate

How can you customize your sales collateral to increase your win rate? There are two ways to do this. Number one, create collateral for different stages of the buyer’s journey. Number two, create content that tells a story.

In addition, CPA marketers need a centralized, accessible platform to find and manage sales collateral digitally. Using a cloud-based data enablement program like Pitchly can help your team store information, collaborate on projects seamlessly, design and edit templates, and keep information up     todate. Tools like this can save you time where you would normally be manually searching through data, copying and pasting into your PowerPoint, and formatting your slides. Creating customized, compelling content is as simple as activating a couple of filters to identify relevant data and exporting to a pre-formatted template.

Decreasing your time to create this valuable sales material in turn lowers your cost to win new business and ultimately helps your firm grow faster and easier.

Where Do You Start?

To start, you need to understand who you are and what makes your company different from others. This equips your sales team with the knowledge they need to beat the competition and shows you how your service or product stands out against the rest.

Next, ask your sales team! Your sales team will have the best understanding of who your target clients will be. Ask them how people buy from you. Are they online or in person? What kind of information do they need before making a decision? Do they prefer email or phone calls when reaching out about an opportunity? Once you have all this information, it’s time to determine what materials will be most helpful for each buyer journey stage.


The key to effective sales collateral is to create it in a way that supports your sales process. You should also consider how your brand will be perceived by customers and make sure the content is consistent across all channels. Customizing your marketing materials for different stages of the buyer’s journey will help you achieve higher win rates than competitors who haven’t considered this approach yet!

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