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AAM Rolls Out New Communications Channel Cheat Sheet To Help Members Connect


By Joe Kovacs, APR, Director of Marketing and Business Development, CBM – Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C.

The fast-paced nature of professional life has only accelerated due to the encroaching role of technology in our lives. Social media, email, video, webinars, podcasting … and what’s that old-fashioned-looking thing on the desk making noise? It’s called a telephone, you say?

But while we may feel the occasional temptation to paddle out to a deserted island and live off coconuts to get away from it all, the reality is that somewhere within the mass of information coming our way is a golden nugget that may help us solve a business problem we’ve been grappling with or help drive results on an upcoming campaign.

One could say the lesson, for AAM members, would be to stay current with all these resources and communication channels, until we stumble upon our solution. But, of course, that’s missing a bigger philosophical point.

Don’t Just Take, Give A Little Bit Too

If we’re all searching, that means no one is taking time to create or share. At that point, the value we find in AAM to help move our jobs and careers forward, will disappear.

What makes AAM such a great organization is not just the chance to learn from others, but the opportunity to contribute. Your expertise may be what another member needs to unlock the true value of their next project.

Sharing your expertise can be just as rewarding as learning from your peers, since it affirms your worth as a marketing or business development professional who possesses valuable industry knowledge.

Where To Start

Recently, AAM’s Strategic Communications Committee developed a cheat sheet entitled AAM Communications Channels. It provides an overview of how to share your content with AAM colleagues – whether it’s pitching an in-depth article to Growth Strategies, AAM’s flagship membership publication, or sending a great industry resource that you believe would be of value to AAM’s audience on social media.

It’s great to be part of the AAM community and to know that other marketers and business development professionals share similar challenges and are searching for similar solutions, but it can be difficult to collaborate when you’re not in the same room or networking at the annual AAM Summit. That’s why this new tool is so valuable.

Today, our association utilizes more communication channels and offers more value through a wealth of distributed content than ever before. AAM’s Communications Channels cheat sheet is designed to make it easier for members to effectively share relevant insight with the AAM community.

Take a look at the cheat sheet and start sharing your expertise and the expertise of others. Not only will your industry peers be grateful for your insight, you will effectively contribute to the greater worth of our association.

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About Joe Kovacks

Joe Kovacs, APR is Director of Marketing and Business Development at CBM-Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell P.C. He has extensive experience in the accounting marketing profession, having served for 10 years at another mid-sized firm before joining CBM in January 2017. Joe directs marketing and business development initiatives to advance CBM’s growth potential among select audiences and collaborates with team members in support of their business development pursuits. He is a former vice president and board member of AAM.

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