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The Power of Pay Per Click in Finance

By Navah Hopkins / August 24, 2017

We live in a world of the informed consumer – one who spends at least 75% of their time online (Pew), and assumes the burden of research, rather than allowing brands to own the education and subsequent conversion process. Add to this a growing market penetration of mobile devices (65%…

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Use Technology as a Key Point of Differentiation

By Elieen Monesson / August 16, 2017

In today’s competitive market, accounting firms need innovative ways to create a market-dominating position. If successful, they will uniquely position the firm to be the premier provider of accounting services in a certain space. While many firms are promoting the value they can bring to a relationship as a thought…

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Building Your Marketing Technology Stack

By Scott Dine / August 4, 2017

By Scott Dine Are you familiar with the term marketing technology stack?  If not, you might be surprised to know you may already be using one. The term refers to a group of technologies that marketers leverage to execute, analyze and improve marketing initiatives. In a recent AAMplify! podcast episode…

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7 Ways Technology Will Boost Your Productivity

By Raissa Evans / July 21, 2017

It’s 3:00 p.m. on Friday, and you’re in the final struggling moments of a busy week—that time to decide when you’ve been productive enough to turn your brain on idle and enjoy the weekend. You chat up colleagues while dropping off reports for partners to read Monday morning and return…

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Adventures in Lead Scoring

By Christine Nelson / July 19, 2017

I was conducting a phone interview with a CPA partner to ghostwrite an article about the oil and gas industry. In the background, the marketing director was multi-tasking while being present to answer any logistical questions. At the end of the interview, she informed me that a very good audit…

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CPA Firm Business Development

Improve Your Social Selling with LinkedIn

By Derek Pando / July 13, 2017

  Q. What is social selling? A. Many professionals have heard of social selling but aren’t quite sure what it is. Simply, it’s using information on social media networks to approach people in a more personalized, meaningful way to grow your revenue. The results can have a significant impact on…

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CPA Firm Business Development

Tag it to Flag it — Using UTM Codes to Capture

By Jill Jacobs / July 12, 2017

Is marketing measurable?”  “What results do we get from the firm’s marketing initiatives?”  Thanks to an array of digital tools, marketers can now effectively answer these questions and more. One simple but powerful way to demonstrate results and gain valuable insight to enhance future campaigns is to use UTM tags.…

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Using Analytics to Drive Content

By Anna Murphy / March 8, 2017

Analytics: Content Decisions & Drive Leads Like other firms, a large majority of our marketing energy and dollars are now spent on online, inbound tactics. For some more traditional marketers and business owners, the idea of such a digital world may seem overwhelming and scary. But for those willing to…

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