How to Capture Leads on Your Website

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Want to Capture Leads on Your Website? Follow These Tips.

Visitors to your website are seeking information. They may be in the early stages of selecting an accounting firm or vetting out specific firms. They may be looking for information on a topic like retirement planning or tax credits for their business. Regardless of the stage of the buying process or area of interest, you want to identify who the visitor is as quickly as possible. The sooner you’re able to identify and capture leads, the better able you are to influence their selection process.

Understand Your Prospect’s Needs

It’s important to understand why someone may be coming to your website. Are they researching accounting firms? Do they have a specific problem or pain? Is there an opportunity, like tax credits, that they’re trying to better understand? Are they looking for specific expertise? (Hear a recording of an AAM High webinar on this topic.)

Your website is your No. 1 sales rep. Prospects may come to you through referrals and word of mouth, but they’re probably going to visit your website first. It’s important that your website provides information that your prospect is seeking and more important, provides the information that they’ll need to make an intelligent decision – hopefully to select your firm.

Create a Resources Section

Having a resources section on your website is a great way to capture leads and provide them with valuable, educational material. A resource might be a white paper, guide, infographic, webinar, video or worksheet.

Each resource should cover a different topic, need or interest. For example, a guide to selecting the right accounting firm would help prospects in the buying process. A white paper on research and development tax credits would help business owners. A video on 401-K versus IRA would help prospects planning for retirement. This can ensure that you’re able to provide the information that your website visitor is seeking.

You’ll want to gate each resource, meaning that the prospect will need to provide you with some basic information in order to access the resource. We suggest only asking name and email – you want to have as little friction as possible. You can always gather more information about the prospect in the future.

When the prospect submits the online form, email them the information instead of providing it on a landing page. This ensures that the email they provide is real.

Gain Prospect Intelligence

Track who downloads which resource. You can learn quite a bit about a prospect’s motivations and stage of the buying process based on which resources they access. If you see that someone accessed a resource about 401K, then you know that they’re thinking about retirement planning. If they access the guide for selecting the right accounting firm, then you know they’re in the selection process. This information can be invaluable when targeting the prospect with marketing material or reaching out to discuss their needs.

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By: Jamie Miller, Marketing By Numbers

Jamie Miller is the CEO of Marketing by Numbers, an exclusive “done for you” video marketing service created specifically for the needs of busy accounting firm owners. We help accounting firms stand out, engage clients year-round and drive real conversations that accelerate growth at a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own. Visit or email Jamie at [email protected] for more information.




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