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Sammi is a Marketing Consultant for Needs More Fiber ( and is dedicated to adding substance to marketing for mission-driven companies. She's had over 15 years of marketing, advertising, copywriting, and analytics experience. She was the Marketing Director at Chortek LLP for 3 years and is currently the AAM Blog Committee Chair.


Types of User Intent – How to Craft Engaging Content Based on Intent

By Sammi Dittloff / April 1, 2021

When planning your content topics, keep user intent in mind What are some of the topics you write about for your firm’s website? Maybe you provide tax updates, the latest internal news, or you share client stories. Different topics can serve different purposes for the user. Another way you can…

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Pillar Content: How to employ a Hub and Spoke Content Strategy at Your Firm

By Sammi Dittloff / November 12, 2020

What does your content strategy look like right now? Do you have a content calendar that lays out what you’d like to post every month? How do you make the decisions about what to write?  Does it come from the partner group, a third-party service, or anyone who sends you…

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Team of people taking a collaborative approach to marketing|Team of people taking a collaborative approach to marketing

Emerge 2020 Summary: A Collaborative Approach to Marketing

By Sammi Dittloff / September 30, 2020

One of the most important takeaways from Ronelle Seller’s presentation during Emerge 2020, “A Collaborative Approach to Marketing,” was about setting the expectation for how accountants need to contribute to business development and marketing activities from day one. The second was to create initiatives that got them excited to participate.…

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Tablet with text that reads "create value" showing why accounting firms should offer marketing packages to clients

Offering a Marketing Package or Value Added Services to Your Clients – Expanding Your Role to Provide Marketing Services

By Sammi Dittloff / September 1, 2020

Is it time to offer marketing packages to your clients? We’ve all been there. We visit a client’s website and think of the things we would do to optimize it. We see a client’s ad in the wild and are redesigning it in our heads. If you’re looking for a…

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Multiple arrows showing the way to Marketing Job Security

Marketing Job Security: 6 Tips to Secure Your Job at Your Firm

By Sammi Dittloff / July 9, 2020

Job security is important in any industry, but especially in one like marketing. While the role has expanded in recent years to include a wide variety of responsibilities, it can be easy for a firm to resort to cutting the marketing budget when scaling back without thinking about the long-term…

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Person highlighting the definition of value of marketing

How to Show The Value of Marketing to Leadership

By Sammi Dittloff / July 8, 2020

The value of marketing for your firm can be a tough one to pin down because some of what we do is difficult to quantify. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can use to show the value of marketing to leadership today. Using a combination of analytics, anecdotes,…

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