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As the marketing manager at AAFCPAs, Patrick Huegel focuses on inbound marketing including attracting new traffic, conversions and lead nurturing. He’s a member of AAM’s podcast committee where he interviews subject matter experts on diverse topics

Accounting firm business development kpis - AAMPlify Season 4 Episode 2: What KPIs should business developers measure?

What KPIs Should Business Developers be Measuring

By Patrick Huegel / May 15, 2019

Why are accounting firm business development KPIs so important? “If you are a 100% dedicated business developer, the most important thing you should be measuring is revenue.” Jason discusses the importance of activity-based KPIs, and his top performance indicators for Business Developers in the podcast, but warns to be wary…

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Accounting Innovation - Accounting Marketing

 How Marketing Spending is Changing

By Patrick Huegel / May 23, 2018

Patrick Huegel, AAFCPAs   Accounting marketing spending has been inching up the last two years, from an average of just under 4 percent up to 4.6 percent as the marketing of accounting services continues to get more competitive, especially among high growth firms. In this AAMplify podcast, Lee Fredericksen, Ph.D.,…

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What a Business Development Executive Does

with Danielle Reynolds, Business Development, Manager with Whitley Penn

A business developer’s day involves a myriad of activities from external meetings with business owners and referral partners to scoping calls for initial client connections.