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Eric R. Elmore is the marketing and brand manager for Drucker & Scaccetti, a tax-focused accounting firm, in Philadelphia. He has more than 20 years of experience working with professional service firms helping them communicate to the world who they are, what they do and why it is of value to targeted audiences.

Managing the Talent Pipeline

Managing the Talent Pipeline: Staying Connected with Candidates

By Eric Elmore / October 19, 2022

Like many other professions, accounting is experiencing a talent shortage. Fewer university students are pursuing accounting degrees, fewer accountants are pursuing CPA licensure and more experienced professionals are leaving the job market or changing careers. This means we are all pulling from a shrinking pool of professionals who now have…

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Make Your Recruiting Videos Get Noticed||

6 Tips to Make Your Recruiting Videos Get Noticed

By Eric Elmore / July 26, 2022

Recruiting in the accounting profession is more competitive than ever. The market is tough, and we are all looking for a silver bullet to help our efforts. Incorporating video into your recruiting efforts may not be the end-all answer, but it sure can make you stand out from your competitors…

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SEO for Small firms|

SEO Strategy: It’s for Small Firms, Too!

By Eric Elmore / April 19, 2022

Some accounting firms have teams that think about strategy constantly; and all their strategic plans are linked, meaning the marketing strategy must align with the overall strategy and goals of the firm. Conversely, smaller firms may not have these teams. High-level strategy sessions occur less frequently at firms with a…

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Get partners to write|

How to Get Partners to Write – 3.5 Tips to Help Marketers

By Eric Elmore / February 17, 2022

Ten years ago, my firm changed its strategic approach to marketing. The partners wanted to become cutting-edge inbound marketers and fill the internet with our insightful and informative blog content. This, however, meant someone had to do the writing – and therein was the dilemma. With billable hours (the nemesis…

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Influencer marketing for accounting|

Influencer Marketing: Is it Good for Accounting?

By Eric Elmore / October 19, 2021

I’m a golfer, and I love watching game improvement videos on YouTube and Instagram. Two of my favorites are Mr. Short Game, with 262,000 subscribers on YouTube, and Manolo Teaches Golf, with 631,000 followers on Instagram. With nearly a million followers between them, golf product companies have taken notice and…

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Getting Started with Video Content Marketing|

6 Keys to Getting Started with Video Content Marketing

By Eric Elmore / September 20, 2021

In 1889, when Thomas Edison and George Eastman created the film for the Kinetograph, the forerunner to the movie camera, little did they know the impact video would have on world culture and business. Motion picture pioneers Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and MGM Studios quickly capitalized on the medium of…

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What Small Accounting Firms Can Learn from Start-ups|

What Small Accounting Firms Can Learn from Start-Ups

By Eric Elmore / August 18, 2021

Over the last 16 months, CPA firms have had a front-row seat as witnesses of the unstable economy. Small businesses took the brunt of the pandemic head on with Yelp reporting that 60% of businesses permanently closed in 2020. So what is it that allowed the other 40% to stay…

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Buy-in for marketing technology|

5 Ways to Win Buy-in for Marketing Technology

By Eric Elmore / May 19, 2021

The challenges of developing and executing marketing plans are many and wide-ranging. For marketing managers who work at smaller firms—usually as a one-person department—the effort is a constant battle of choosing what is achievable versus what is best for the firm. Marketing managers at smaller firms are often given little…

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