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Keep BD Moving|

How to Keep BD Moving During Busy Season

By Christine Nietzke / March 22, 2022

It’s busy season in your firm, and a lot of heads are down and deep into the work. Business development executives often feel like their efforts either slow to a crawl or come to a complete stop when the subject matter experts (SMEs) are getting client work done. However, now…

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Focused Conversation|

Focused Conversation

By Christine Nietzke / October 26, 2020

What went wrong? Anyone in sales has experienced this at least once. The proposal presentation to a prospective client went flawlessly, there were many nods of understanding, and the prospective client said they would make their decision in a couple of days. Then the news arrives later that week: they…

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Building and Selling Advisory Services

Building and Selling Advisory Services

By Christine Nietzke / November 27, 2019

If you’ve attended any accounting industry-related conference over the past few years, you’ve heard that firms must provide more advisory services to remain viable and to secure a long-term future. Despite receiving the message time and time again, many firms are not making the shift. The reason? Firms don’t know…

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Accounting Innovation - Accounting Marketing

Using Big Data to Create a Growth

By Christine Nietzke / November 28, 2018

AAM Minute: Business Development News By Christine Nietzke, founder, Rainfall Consulting   For many firms, the fourth quarter means budgeting and planning for the upcoming year. Budgets for marketing are often calculated based on a percentage of total revenue for the firm or what was done in the previous year.…

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