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Christine M. Hollinden, CPSM, founder and principal of Hollinden | marketers + strategists, is passionate about helping professional services firms distinguish themselves from the pack. Her forward-thinking approach has earned her industry recognition as evidenced by the firm’s nationwide client base. Her competitive spirit has helped hundreds of firms build brands, create niche practices, and expand their practices. In her spare time, you will find Christine playing golf, cooking a gourmet dinner for friends, or leading the Houston Chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the oldest wine and food society in the world.

The Great Resignation|

The Great Resignation: The Impact of Culture

By Christine Hollinden / February 17, 2022

Today’s Labor Market Today’s labor environment is extremely fluid, and not in a good way. The U.S. has experienced record high resignations; in fact, resignations hit an all-time high in November 2021 with more than 4.5 million employees quitting their jobs – and most without a fallback plan. To exacerbate…

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Developing a Robust Niche Practice|

Developing a Robust Niche Practice for Your Firm

By Christine Hollinden / July 15, 2021

The challenge of determining when and how to grow is one that plagues many firms. This is especially true for “generalist” firms—i.e., firms that serve every type of business or individual. If your firm is in this boat, consider developing a niche practice. A niche is a specialized market segment.…

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Changing Compliance to Consulting|Changing Compliance to Consulting

Changing the Business Model from Compliance to Consulting

By Christine Hollinden / November 19, 2020

The ever-changing business environment brings forth new technologies and consumer demands, forcing firms to shift their offerings to meet both the spoken and unspoken needs of their clientele. Firms must take a comprehensive look at how their clients are doing business, while also assessing the challenges they face in order…

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Leadership’s Role in Business Development|

Leadership’s Role in Business Development

By Christine Hollinden / September 24, 2020

COVID-19 has not only interrupted the business environment and deadlines, but also the approach most firms have successfully utilized to gain new business. Throughout all the changes we have all experienced, leadership’s role in the business development process has also changed. Below are some insights we have gathered from partners…

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Successfully Attract and Retain Clients

Successfully Attract and Retain Clients | How to Relate to Your Clients

By Christine Hollinden / December 11, 2019

Does your firm want to successfully attract and retain clients? If the firm is having trouble connecting with them, it may be because you have not taken age into consideration. Looking from a generational perspective allows firms to better appreciate how clients feel and how they want to be communicated…

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