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Becca Sensiba is the Owner, Content Creator, and Freelance Writer at Ink Craft. Ink Craft creates custom content that builds trust, strengthens brands and drives revenue. Every word your audience reads is an opportunity for a conversation, and great content has the ability to spark a dialogue with your target market and build a relationship with your audience.

Illustration of business people shaking hands agreeing to retain employees and clients as a part of their M&A|Illustration of business people shaking hands agreeing to retain employees and clients as a part of their M&A

Retain Employees and Clients During Transitions

By Becca Sensiba / August 13, 2020

While generally positive for businesses owners, mergers and acquisitions often result in mixed emotions among the firm’s employees and clients. Here are recommendations for how to retain employees and clients during a transition. Employees may question their job security and feel uneasy knowing their benefits may change. Similarly, clients may…

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Hands around multicolored pawns representing diversity and inclusion in CPA firms

Diversity Requires an Inclusive Culture for CPA Firms

By Becca Sensiba / August 4, 2020

Diversity and inclusion in CPA firms has become a priority in recent years. Why? Because a diverse workforce creates opportunities for unique perspectives that yield smarter business decisions. While the benefits of a diverse workforce are abundant, creating diversity in sync with an inclusive culture requires a thoughtful strategy and…

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Butterfly evolving reflecting the successful accounting firm growth strategies

Successful Accounting Firm Growth Strategies | How Firms are Evolving

By Becca Sensiba / March 12, 2020

Embracing change has a direct effect on a firm’s ability to meet the demands of the market. Here are some of the successful strategies leading industry consultants have seen implemented that have positively affected accounting firm growth and how marketers are playing a role in influencing change. Successful Strategies for…

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