August 2022: Surviving & Thriving as a Department of 1

Beginner’s Guide: In this article, three seasoned marketers share tips on topics ranging from change management and overcoming challenges to outsourcing and working as a one-person or small marketing team.

Seasoned Marketer: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a full-time staff of stellar project managers, technical experts, writers, strategists and PR pros? The reality is your marketing budget likely only stretches so far. So how do you tackle and prioritize everything on your to-do list? Here are six times when outsourcing makes sense.

Articles of Interest: Are you a marketing team of one (or maybe a few) that never seems to have enough time? No matter your superpowers, one person cannot be an expert in every aspect of marketing, and a time will come to call in help. These articles discuss how marketing teams of one can not only succeed but thrive while helping your firm grow. They also cover how to determine what and how much to outsource.

Meet a Member: Jolene Colant is a long-time AAM member and accounting marketer with more than 20 years of experience. She is the Marketing Director at Hall, Kistler & Company, a 28-person firm in Canton, Ohio. Learn more about Jolene’s career and her advice for accounting marketers in this article.

July 2022 New Members
David Anfinson, Anfinson Thompson & Co. PA, CPA’s
Naomi Benamaisia, Tonneson + Co
Travis Bradshaw, Armanino, LLP
Kyrie Bumpus, GBQ Partners LLC
Angela Coenen, Wolters Kluwer
Makaela Corrente, Grassi Advisors & Accountants
Alison Cronin, PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
Savannah Daly, Moore Colson
Anthony Davis, Crowe BGK
Jessica James, BDO Alliance USA
Jill Valentine, Rea & Associates, Inc.