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Articles of Interest: Internal Communications

Articles of Interest: Internal Communications
Tanya Doescher, Melton & Melton, L.L.P.

 The 7 Steps to Developing an Internal Communication Strategy

This article outlines some of the basics, including what internal communication actually is and why it is needed. It also discusses how technology can support your efforts and provide more favorable outcomes.

How to Conduct an Internal Communications Audit

Before getting started on any sort of strategic planning, it is always good to conduct an audit of where you are today. This article goes into great detail outlining how to conduct your audit, the types of questions to ask, how to measure, and more!

How To Use Technology to Enhance Internal Communication

Over the years, technology has enabled information sharing to be easy and quick. This article points out that internal communications is a two-way street, the importance of internal brand ambassadors, and how technology can be utilized to increase engagement.

7 Important Internal Communication Trends for 2022

Bringing everyone on board with business information in a timely fashion is more important now than ever. This article covers internal communication trends, along with examples and tips that you can put into practice today.