April 2024: 💪 Empowering Your Team Through ERGs & DEI

Seasoned Marketer: With the war for talent remaining strong in the accounting field, it’s important to retain and engage your current team members while attracting new talent. Your firm’s values and culture can play a significant role in recruitment and retention. One way to achieve both goals is by creating employee resource groups (ERGs). In this article, we spoke to Wipfli’s DEI Director David Romero to understand the value and importance of ERGs.

Articles of Interest: Effective communication plays a crucial role in shaping the level of engagement within an organization. This month’s articles of interest delve into the complex relationship between internal communications and employee engagement. They offer insights, best practices and strategies for organizations to enhance engagement levels through effective communication.

Meet a Member: This month, we’re getting to know Jack Kolmansberger, Chief Growth Officer at Herbein + Company, Inc. Check out our April Meet a Member to learn more about how Herbein’s DEI efforts have impacted employee engagement.

Beginner’s Guide: In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a war for talent going on out there. Accountants are in high demand. So, what can marketers and their firms do to retain their staff? Here are seven strategies aimed at fostering a positive work environment and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Business Development: Your approach to managing a business development (BD) team can make or break your firm’s growth trajectory. Effective leadership from the top can boost BD engagement and motivate your associates. Read this article to learn more!

Hot Topic: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary groups of employees who share common characteristics or life experiences, with the primary goal of cultivating a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment. We asked AAM members to share information on the ERGs they have established within their own firms. Here are the top 12 most common types of ERGs they submitted.

March New Members: 

Amanda Seekamp, Marcum, LLP
Brenden Norberg, CDH
Erin Connolly-Kriarakis, CohnReznick
Hana Huber, HSO
Kevin MacDonald, Albin, Randall & Bennett
Kevin Morales, Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accountants
Kristen Petrel, LBMC
Lani Jennings-Hall, Bell & Company, PA
Lesley Cawley, Cohen & Company
Mark Burnette, LBMC
Megan Spicer, PJS & Co. CPAs
Missy Kelley, Anders CPAs + Advisors
Rajesh Khairajani, KNAV
Suri Gevertzman, Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP
Tim Wells, Marcum LLP
Tyler Roche, Weaver




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