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Using Analytics to Drive Content

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Analytics: Content Decisions & Drive Leads

Like other firms, a large majority of our marketing energy and dollars are now spent on online, inbound tactics. For some more traditional marketers and business owners, the idea of such a digital world may seem overwhelming and scary. But for those willing to embrace this digital age, it means valuable insights and trackable data are available to drive the content decisions at your firm. Knowing what content will be most popular and will convert the most traffic into leads allows you as a marketer to close the gap between marketing and sales and provide true value to your organization.

Just five years ago, you could probably report to your managing partner, “We had X number of visits to our website.” Now, in 2017, if I were to walk down to Greg Skoda’s office and give him that report, he would say, “That means nothing to me— who are they and how do we turn them into a client?”

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About Anna Murphy

Anna Marie Murphy is a senior account executive with Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing. She focuses in driving inbound marketing strategy and results for accounting firms.

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