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Sensiba Center for Sustainability at Sensiba LLP

As California’s first certified B Corp accounting firm, we aim to help other firms navigate becoming a certified B Corp. We also help consult other firms on how to start a successful sustainability and ESG practice. Why do we do this? Because a high tide raises all boats. There is a greater chance of us arriving at a more sustainable future if we are all rowing in that direction together. Also, with all the impeding ESG and sustainability-related disclosures in the pipeline, there will be more than enough work for everyone, and we can’t be the only firm doing it! As an industry, we need to be prepared for what is coming, and we are here to help.

General Info

5960 Inglewood Drive
Suite 201
Pleasanton, California 94588
(925) 271-8617

Jennifer Cantero
Director of Marketing & Sustainability


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