Accounting Marketers Role in M&A Process – A Marketing Consultant’s Insights

M&A Letters on a Table Showing Accounting Marketers Role in the M&A Process|M&A Letters on a Table Showing Accounting Marketers Role in the M&A Process

The Association for Accounting Marketing’s Growth Strategies magazine sat down with the CEO of Koltin Consulting Group and co-author of CPA Firm Merger Strategies That Work, Allan Koltin. Allan is recognized as one of the top M&A consultants in the accounting industry. As one of the first to be inducted into AAM’s Accounting Marketing Hall of Fame, he shares his thoughts on the role of accounting marketers in the M&A process.

What are the most essential roles of accounting marketers within the M&A process?

“The first would be developing key talking points around the transaction that can be delivered by anyone in the company. These must be consistent for internal and external audiences. You’d be surprised how often this is a blind spot that gets missed. Secondly, involve marketing on both sides of the transaction to help develop a growth plan, envisioning together what the organization wants to become.”

What should marketers on the acquiring side plan for?

“Typically, the acquirer’s accounting marketing group will get involved in the M&A process earlier — before the deal is worked out. Bringing marketing in early gets them thinking about what their role could be in the combined firm and supporting transaction communications. Marketers should look at the past five years and historical growth by segment, industry, geography and/or service line. Follow the flow of the new business report. Look at the marketing investments made over time and how they have contributed to firm growth.”

How can accounting marketers in a firm being acquired in the M&A process position themself best for a role within the merged firm?

Put the firm first as you look at how this will impact marketing. Don’t fear it. The reason the acquirer is so interested is because they are buying a talent base. Accelerating growth means they will need more of you, not less. A buyer wants talent that can get them from point A to point B more quickly. Your marketing function is doing something right to get the attention of the suitor. Your role will change in some form.”

Click here to read the full story about accounting marketers role in the M&A process in the Summer 2020 issue of Growth Strategies.

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