Environmental Scanning Council | Accounting Firm Strategy | CPA Firm Growth

Keeping members up-to-date on the issues most pressing to the industry and the profession is the primary goal of this group of respected professionals. Through conversation and dialogue, these advisors operate as an information sharing hub bringing issues to AAM’s attention on areas like marketing, branding, growth, practice management, accounting education and regulation.

The group consists of diverse individuals representing various disciplines and firm sizes as well as thought leaders in the accounting industry. The group is chaired by AAM's immediate Past President and there is an additional Board liaison. Their goal is to work with the group to identify trends, push the information to members through educational programming and to develop new ideas for AAM to pursue.

Current members of the Environmental Scanning Council include:

Becca Johns
Rea & Associates, Chair
Amy Franko
Founder & CEO, Amy Franko Associates
Jamie Thomas
MKT & BD Learning and Knowledge Management Leader, BDO USA
Randy Mowat
Partner/Senior Vice President Marketing, MNP LLP
Board Liaison
Jennifer Wilson
Partner/Co-Founder, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC
Mitch Reno
Director of Client Experience/Principal, Rehmann
Pauline Gonnering
Director of Growth and Operations, Cummings Keegan & Co., PLLP
Jim Michalak
Partner/Chief Information and Digital Officer, Herbein + Company
Michael Geary
CEO, Society for Marketing Professional Services
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Sarah Johnson Dobek
Founder & President, Inovautus Consulting
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Dan Gardiner
Managing Director & CEO, Postlethwaite & Netterville
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Jeff Mowery
Managing Partner, Mowery & Schoenfeld
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Karen Love
Founder, Karen Love + Co
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Gary Shamis
CEO, Winding River Consulting
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Dan Hood
Editor-in-Chief, Accounting Today
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Colette Sharbaugh
Director of Corporate Communications & Public Relations, CPA.com
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Samantha Mansfield
DCPA20 Team, CPA.com
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Lisa Simpson
Vice President, Firm Services, AICPA
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