AAM December Event Roundup

With 2020 almost behind us, accounting firms are starting to look forward to the new year. To help CPA marketers and business development professionals end the year on a high note, we have put together several events that will help with planning for 2021. We hope you are just as excited as we are about the webinars, roundtables and campfires we have planned for December!

Below is a roundup of this month’s events and be sure to check our events listing for updates and new offerings!

Dec 3, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (ET)

AAM Business Development Roundtable – List Building: Strategies & Legalities

  • Why is this an important topic right now for accounting firms to hear about?

As marketers plan their content calendars and email campaigns for the new year, they are keeping  privacy concerns and spam regulations in mind. There is a lot of confusion on list building strategies and legalities, and marketers are keen to ensure compliance in 2021.

With the many new and evolving privacy regulations in the US, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and abroad, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), individuals now have extensive rights with respect to their data that they did not have before. The potential penalties and fines that these regulations carry for non-compliance can be severe in addition to the reputational damage that can result. For this reason, it is more important now than ever before for companies, such as accounting firms that handle potentially sensitive data, to be aware and adapt their data collection and storage practices to ensure they comply with the requirements of these regulations.

  • What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

Attendees can expect to hear about tools, tips and tricks from other professionals who are using lists and list building in their marketing and business development efforts. Attendees will also take away key legal considerations to keep in mind when collecting and using data, and some best practices that should be implemented to protect their firms.

  • Learn more about our expert speakers!

Ty Hendrickson, CPA, Founder of The Sales Seed, has been building and using lists for marketing and BD purposes for over 15 years and has experience with resources to make this process more effective and efficient. Connect and learn more about Ty!

When Brian Falony, Director of Marketing at Brady Ware & Company, started in accounting marketing 30 years ago, business development focused on print brochures, advertising, networking and referrals. Since then, Brian has had to adapt to email, the online world, social media and a host of other new tools that has completely changed what he does. Connect and learn more about Brian!

Julia Marina, JD, CAMS, CIPP/US, CIPM, Manager Risk Advisory Services at Kaufman Rossin, advises clients on compliance with new and existing data privacy laws in the US and abroad. She works closely with clients in many different industries to create and implement privacy programs to address applicable privacy regulations and build a privacy framework they can leverage going forward as new regulations emerge.  Connect and learn more about Julia!

Dec 10, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET)

AAM High! Webinar: Anybody Have a Map? Developing and Executing AAM’s Marketing Plan

  • Why is this an important topic right now for accounting firms to hear about?

With 2020 (mostly) behind us, firms are looking towards 2021 to ensure they are as ready as they can be for what lies ahead, and a Marketing Plan is the best way to help them move forward. Now is the time to review  where your firm currently stands, understand how you got there, and determine how meet your goals for success.

ALSO! A year in the making – come learn how a team of AAM members developed a new marketing plan. 

  • What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

This session will look at the development of the AAM Marketing Plan, to help guide firms through this process, and will also provide a glimpse into how the plan will play a role in AAM’s efforts in the coming years.

Your firm’s marketing strategy demands involvement by your entire team with you at (or sharing) the helm. Learn how to lead by harnessing the resources, participation and knowledge of your team members to build a marketing plan that advances your firm and reinforces your status as a professional collaborator in its success.

  • Learn more about our expert speakers!

Laura Metz, the Marketing & Communications Manager for Moore North America and Joe Kovacs, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell P.C., have nearly two decades of accounting marketing expertise to share with the AAM community. Both Laura and Joe are active members of AAM, serving on various committees and boards within the organization. Connect and learn more about Laura and Joe!

When:  Dec 16, 2020 from 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM (ET)

Virtual Campfire: Internal Communication

  • Why is this an important topic right now for accounting firms to hear about?

Internal communication is key to creating culture in any organization. Culture is what drives productivity, loyalty, talent, recruitment and so much more. Culture is one of the biggest key factors in hiring and retaining top talent, yet there is so much confusion around culture and how to build it. Internal communication is the easiest way to build culture when used properly.

  • What can attendees expect to takeaway or learn from participating in this session?

Attendees will take away ideas on how to use internal communication to increase productivity, job satisfaction and how and when these methods are used appropriately.

  • Learn more about our subject matter experts!

Prior to launching The Sales Seed, Ty Hendrickson ran the START Sales Training program at Bloomberg BNA which produced the highest achieving sales representatives in the organization and the lowest turnover companywide of less than 3%. Graduates of this program were some of the youngest to be promoted into leadership roles and produced over a 90% participation in mentor or leadership programs after graduation. This success led the program to grow by over 500% in only 4 years. This was only possible because of the culture that was built in the program through leadership and communication.  Connect and learn more about Ty!

Sarah Johnson Dobek is President and Founder of Inovautus Consulting, a national consulting firm that develops strategies, programs, and training designed to help accounting firms grow faster and in the right direction. With her unique background in operations, human resources, practice management, and marketing, Sarah delivers insightful, practical advice that guides organizations down the right path toward achieving the growth they desire Connect and learn more about Sarah!

In her role as a senior consultant for Inovautus Consulting, Kari works with clients to create growth plans, build relationships, increase referrals, generate leads, and grow revenue. Kari’s in-house-work at accounting firms includes five years leading Marketing and Business Development at Green Hasson Janks, an Accounting Today Top 200, Los Angeles-based accounting firm. Prior to Green Hasson Janks, Kari spent five years as a Marketing Director at KPMG, where she led regional and national marketing for KPMG tax services. Connect and learn more about Kari!

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