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Drawing AAM Motivation from March Madness

Even though my March Madness brackets are routinely busted by this point in the tournament, I can’t turn off the coverage. I love watching the games through until the end to see amazing feats pulled off through outstanding teamwork. The way these athletes, coaches, and college communities come together to accomplish their goals, lifting each other up along the way, is truly inspiring.

While AAM is not known for its skills on the court, I did find it very apropos that our annual Call for Board Nominations email went out on the first day of the tournament. AAM wins aren’t as flashy as a last minute buzzer beater, but they spring from the same devotion to teamwork and positivity that you see on display each March when players link arms to show support or jump up in unison to celebrate.

I am inspired every day by my fellow AAM volunteers and it’s a wonder how our passionate crew gets so much done. Through the teamwork of our committees, task forces, board of directors and members, AAM grows and provides professional value in accordance with our strategic goals.

As we see with accomplished March Madness teams, our community’s success depends on diverse talents and leadership. We need a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives to continue our progress and accomplish the goals of Vision 2020. The board nomination process is an important part of continuing AAM’s legacy of professional passion and thought leadership in the accounting industry. After all, the board of directors is responsible for guiding that passion and talent into the projects and campaigns that move our profession forward.

“You only get what you give,” as that 90s one-hit wonder taught us, so consider volunteering to get the most out of your AAM experience. Board participation is the next step in that journey. To be eligible, you need to have served on AAM Committees for at least two years. And if you served on the Board in the past, with enough downtime (two terms) you can be eligible to serve again. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

In the accounting marketing and business development world, Team AAM is a rising champion, and we’re looking for our next class of leaders. Nominate yourself or someone else to answer the call by April 13th!

About Kristen Lewis

Kristen Lewis is the President of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) and the Director of Marketing for the Philadelphia office of EisnerAmper LLP. Kristen has been an active volunteer for AAM since 2004, serving on various committees and task forces over the years, as well as a member of the Board of Directors. As AAM’s current President, Kristen has been heavily involved over the past two years in the planning and implementation of the organization’s Vision 2020 strategic plan. In 2009, AAM honored Kristen as Volunteer of the Year at the organization's Annual Summit. She serves her local community as an employee campaign chair for the United Way of Southeastern PA. Kristen also serves on the Marketing Committee for the annual PACT Capital Conference.

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